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Fire Detection Systems and Smoke Alarm Installation in Adelaide

The safety of your family, friends and colleagues is paramount – in line with the legal rulings of South Australia, personal, public or commercial building, you must ensure that smoke sensors and alarms have been correctly installed in any commercial or residential buildings under your responsibility.

There are no second chances when it comes to fire safety. When a blaze breaks out, smoke billows from the flames to obscure vision, impair judgment and incite blind panic – these fumes are highly toxic, damaging to the eyes and wildly disorientating, putting your family, friends and colleagues at risk. Studies have shown that fire related deaths will usually occur as a result of the inhalation of toxins, rather than from direct exposure to heat or flames. Alarm systems will provide an early warning, saving time and encouraging a speedy escape.

Adelaide Independent Fire: Trusted Alarm Systems in Adelaide

Fire detection systems in Adelaide are designed to identify fire, smoke or heat – our team of highly trained and experienced staff are on hand to offer advice and recommendations on the right detection system. Smoke sensors will offer an earlier warning than other systems, but it may be a good idea to combine alarms to ensure the fastest response.

The team at A.I.F. are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients across South Australia. We will offer advice on smoke alarm installation in Adelaide (including the legal rulings on product replacement) and take responsibility for the regular servicing of fire sensors, suggesting a schedule for upkeep and maintenance.

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