Fire Risk  Audit & Training

Fire risk and prevention training, plus fire risk audits.

Fire Training, Prevention and Risk Audit in Adelaide

When it comes to the wellbeing of your family, friends and colleagues, there are no second chances. Call upon the auditing and training services of Adelaide Independent Fire and make sure that all are properly trained in fire prevention, evacuation and management.

Adelaide Fire Risk Audits

It’s important to make sure that your home or commercial building is fully compliant and in-line with the regulations as set down by the Australian Standards. Our team of highly qualified and experienced staff carry out a full fire risk audit, to ensure that the resisting elements and safety equipment within the building, including fire and smoke doors, are compliant with the Australian Standards. We will also ensure that all existing systems are serviced and maintained accordingly.

Our Adelaide Fire Risk Audit will assess:

  • Egress;
  • Exit and emergency lighting;
  • Above ceiling compartmentation;
  • Maintenance of safety equipment;
  • Smoke doors; and
  • Proofing and sealing.

Fire Training Prevention in Adelaide

Whilst it is your legal obligation to ensure that the building under your responsibility is entirely in-line with fire safety regulations, it is also imperative that all staff, employee’s and residents are well versed in the correct fire safety precautions.

In order to act quickly and rationally, staff need to be confident in the correct way to manage themselves and others in the event of a blaze – it is therefore of the utmost importance that all staff are trained in fire prevention and safety.

A.I.F. will provide your staff with sufficient training and instructions, ensuring the well-being of all staff under your responsibility. Fire Prevention Training will cover the correct use of fire extinguishers and other safety equipment, as well as Fire Warden Training – the welfare of your family, friends and colleagues is absolutely paramount. Don’t get caught out – contact us today!

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