Services & Products

We offer a range of different services, products and maintenance options.

Our Range of Services

Overview of the full list of services that we offer

Our service personnel are fully equipped to test and service Sprinkler Systems, Fire Pumps, Hydrants, Hose Reels, CO2 Systems, Gas Suppression Systems, Foam Systems, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Doors, Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarm Systems, EWIS Systems and VESDA Systems.

Depending on your requirements, we can tailor a Testing and Maintenance program covering weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually testing of your Fire Services equipment. Including 3 yearly sprinkler valve overhauls, diesel fire pump servicing, and hydrant booster testing etc.

All client details are entered into our service database which allows us to forecast and monitor all service visits and inspections. All this information is kept safe for our use only.

Our Service Engineers will test and check all components and elements of your Fire Protection System, conducting all works in strict compliance with Australian Standards and local Fire Brigade or Council requirements.

We take responsibility for the system, planning the necessary maintenance schedules to suit your individual requirements.

If your system has not been properly maintained or there have been changes in occupancy classification, or the building’s use, we can arrange to carry out a detailed survey and provide a report which will reveal the condition of the system and made recommendations accordingly.

Our experienced staff can provide you with the following services:

  • Establish the operational status of equipment;
  • Record any changes in occupational practice that may render equipment ineffective;
  • Record any changes which may impair the efficiency of equipment;
  • Provide a comprehensive report and make recommendations to reinstate equipment, along with a quotation and work schedule for implementing said changes.

Services Offered

We offer a large range of services from installations to maintenance. A list of all the services that we offer can be found below:

  • Emergency Evacuations;
  • Fire Risk Analysis & Assessment;
  • Fire Prevention Training;
  • Fire Extinguishers & All Accessories;
  • Fire Detection System Testing & Installation;
  • Exit and Emergency Lighting;
  • Flow Test and Hydrostatic Testing Extinguishers
  • Flow Test and Hydrostatic Testing Fire Hydrant Boosters and Hydrant Systems; and
  • Automatic Sprinkler Fire System Testing & Installations.

Products Offered

Pricing for all products are available upon request, so contact us today to get a quote.

  • Fire Extinguishers;
  • Fire Blankets;
  • Extinguisher Cabinets;
  • Vehicle Brackets;
  • Hose Reels;
  • Safety & Hazard Signage;
  • Smoke Alarms; and
  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems.

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